Triple 5 Provides AMS for SWEPCO – Turk

by garry on January 6, 2012

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The Fulton Arkansas plant is a new construction for the Southwestern Electric Power Company (SWEPCO). According to the SWEPCO web site, the John W. Turk, Jr. Power Plant will be one of the cleanest, most environmentally responsible and efficient coal-fueled plants in the United States, and the first of its kind in operation in the country. The Plant will use low-sulfur coal and state-of-the art emission control technologies to meet stringent emission limits. And, the plant’s advanced coal combustion technology will use less coal and produce fewer emissions, including carbon dioxide, than traditional pulverized coal plants. The Turk Plant will serve SWEPCO customers in Arkansas, Texas and Louisiana. The estimated completion date for the $1.7 billion 600-megawatt facility is October 2012. Plant construction created more than 1,900 jobs at the height of construction and brings an estimated 110 permanent jobs to the area with an annual payroll projected to be $9 million.

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Triple 5 was selected to furnish our AMS 3 system for early leak detection monitoring as part of the Shaw Group scope of the EPC contract.  Babcock and Wilcox engineered, furnished and are in the late stages of installing the boiler island components. Thirty eight (38) Triple 5 non intrusive sounding rods have been welded in place on the cold side of the boiler component walls and awaiting the electronic connections.  As part of the Triple 5 contract, we will provide real time leak detection monitoring for the plant operators using the Triple 5 remote surveillance program. 

We are a “Made in America” company and extremely proud to be a part of this  “Built in America” project.

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