Surveillance provides a periodic check of the Acoustic Monitoring System(AMS).  Triple 5 examines the data for acoustic changes and hardware problems.  Surveillance data can be viewed by modem, internet or Virtual AMS (VAMS).  Surveillance options are Daily, Weekly and Monthly.

As part of the package, Triple 5 provides engineering consultation over the phone for station engineers and operators.  If there is a question about the system’s operation, Triple 5 will connect to the system and discuss the data with the plant.  A Triple 5 Engineer is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week for diagnostic services and maintenance consultations.  The after-hours hotline number is 609-947-5029.  Calls made to the hotline number will be responded to within a two hour time period.

With all Surveillance services, software upgrades are included in the price and are downloaded to the AMS computer as required.  In-house repairs to AMS components are made at no charge, except for the cost of parts and shipping.  On-site labor charges are discounted 20% from published Field Service Rates.  Spare parts are discounted 20% from current pricing.

In the past, a partial system inspection was recommended every six months and a full inspection once per year.  With Surveillance, maintenance is performed on an as-needed basis when system performance dictates.  We believe that it is important to keep the AMS operating effectively and reliably and Daily/Weekly/Monthly Surveillance is designed to meet this goal.

Virtual AMS (VAMS):  VAMS provides another way to view system data.  VAMS sends system data from the plant computer to the Triple 5 Virtual Network.  Triple 5 utilizes VAMS for initial data analysis, moving to the VPN or modem connection when spectrum analysis, system maintenance and/or file transfer is needed. VAMS will be required once the Triple 5 Smart Leak program is complete.

Virtual AMS (VAMS) Diagram

Daily Surveillance: Daily Surveillance provides a check of the system once per day, seven days a week.  The main concern during data examination is a suspicious trend and/or an indication of a leak.  Any hardware problems that are noted during the system check will also be reported.  An email report is sent every morning before 10 am ET. Triple 5 telephones if an urgent situation is noted.

Weekly and Monthly Surveillance: Weekly Surveillance provides a check of the system once per week.  Monthly Surveillance provides a check of the system once per month.   The data is examined for acoustic changes and hardware issues.  A report is sent once per week or once per month on the status of the system.  Triple 5 telephones if an urgent situation is noted.

Triple 5 utilizes a team concept for Surveillance.   Each customer will be assigned a primary contact working with a team of Surveillance specialists.  In the event the primary contact is not able to check the system, or is unavailable to answer incoming questions via telephone or email, a team member will provide assistance.  The team’s goal is to provide the highest level of service possible.  All correspondence should be sent to the primary contact and copied to the team as listed on the email report.  This will help ensure all questions or comments get immediate attention.  Each customer should provide Triple 5 with a primary contact name, email address, and telephone number for routine correspondence, urgent and weekend reports/telephone calls.  An alternate contact should also be assigned should the primary contact not be available.

*All system data viewed and collected through Surveillance, and all correspondence with a plant is considered proprietary and confidential information.  Remote connections are password protected.