Triple 5 Products

Triple 5 has been producing acoustic leak detection systems and ultrasonic inspection equipment since 1978.  Current applications include boiler, feedwater heaters and condensers, steam leak detection, pulverizer monitoring, temperature monitoring, partial discharge and arc detection.

Boiler Tube Leak Detection

Boiler tube failures continue to be the leading cause of downtime for steam power plants. Recovery mills and process plants also face similar challenges. In addition feedwater heater and condenser leaks also pose a problem in overall efficiency. Triple 5 Industries has recognized the issue and developed a series of products for early event detection.


Coal Flow Pluggage Detection / Trona Monitoring

The Triple 5 Coal Flow Monitoring System (CFMS) measures the concentration of coal in the individual coal pipes from the mill to the burner.  Using advanced acoustic monitoring technology, the system will measure changes in coal flow and detect blockages.  The system can also determine changes in particle sizing, which can indicate classifier drift or changes in grinding.

Coal Flow Monitoring

Equipment Diagnostics / Portables

Predictive maintenance simplified. Is the task to perform transformer analysis through partial discharge benchmarking, event detection, or arcing? Want to check the cylinder condition of a compressor?  Looking to detect loose parts? Have challenges with cavitation? Triple 5 has got a device to help.