50U Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Gas, Air, Steam and Vacuum Leaks, Valve Leaks, Faulty Steam Traps, Worn or Dry Bearings

Connect the T5-3 Air Probe to the 50U with a coax cable and scan an area for high pressure air, gas or steam leaks that travel through the air. Test distances of 25 feet are common for small, 60psi leaks. Connect the T5-4 Accelerometer Probe and touch a steam trap, valve stem or valve body to detect leaks.

Price Includes the following:

  • 50U Ultrasonic Leak Detector with 6V 1.2A/H Lead Acid Battery and External Charger
  • T5-3 Air Probe
  • Sound Attenuating Headset
  • BNC-BNC Coax Cable
  • Set of Vinyl Carrying Cases
  • Spare Battery
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • Operator’s Manual