Sense Amp

Sense Amp

1.0 Preliminary Specifications for Triple 5′s “Sense Amp” 2A Acoustic Monitoring System

The “Sense Amp” 2A (SA2A) is an acoustic monitoring system. Normally used for ultrasonic leak detection in valves, the SA2A features either loop-powered, 4-20 mA, two-wire operation, or 5VDC, 4 mA, three-wire operation.

The SA2A uses an external contact sensor, located as far a 100 ft (30.48 M) from the amplifier, to measure leak vibrations. A mounting shoe holds the sensor in place.

2.0 System Components

The following components are used in the SA2A acoustic system.
2.1 T5-301 Ultrasonic Amplifier, either 4-20mA loop-powered or 5 volts DC powered
T5-N4X-4 NEMA Enclosure, for amplifier
T5-012C or T5-013 Sensor
HT-10100 Sensor Cable, 100 ft (30.48 M)
T5-025 Sensor Mounting Hardware

3.0 T5-301 Ultrasonic Amplifier

The T5-301 amplifier has the following characteristics:
3.1 Either loop-powered from a 4-20 mA power source, using two wires, or DC powered from a 5 volt, 4 mA power supply. Five volt operation requires three wires. Power and signal wires connect to a six-position terminal block.
3.2 Three switch-selectable ultrasonic band-pass filters. Filter selections are 75kHz, 150kHz, and 300kHz.
3.3 Switch-selectable sensitivity adjustment with 37dB of adjustment range and 3dB resolution.
3.4 Error-checking on all slide switches. The amplifier?s output voltage and output current go to maximum when any switch fails to close.
3.5 BNC connector for sensor input cable.
3.6 Isolated ground. The sensor, sensor cable, and amplifier get “ground” from the system power supply.
3.7 Power inputs are reverse-voltage protected.
3.8 Temperature rating: -40C to +85C (-40F to +185F). Humidity rating is 95% non-immersion.
3.9 Size: 4.72 inch (119.9 mm) x 2.84 inch (70.6 mm) x 0.93 inch (23.6 mm), plus mounting hardware.
3.10 Construction: 5051 aluminum with yellow powder coat. The electronic components are encapsulated.
3.11 Weight: 14 oz (398 gm).

4.0 Sensors

The Sense Amp 2A uses standard piezoelectric accelerometers and pressure sensors to measure acoustic activity. The sensors do not contain pre-amplifiers.
4.1 The T5-012C pressure sensor has the following characteristics:

Resonant frequency: 150kHz
Sensitivity: -64dB re 1V/uBar
Temperature rating: -40F to +300F (-40C to +149C)
Mounting technique: Adhesive or T5-025 mounting hardware

4.2 The T5-013 accelerometer has the following characteristics:

Resonant frequency: 55kHz
Sensitivity: 150pc/G
Temperature rating: -40F to +500F (-40C to 260C)
Mounting technique: Stud-mount or T5-025 mounting hardware