50SU Sonic/Ultrasonic Leak Detector

Air, Steam, Gas and Vacuum Leaks, Valve Leaks, Faulty Steam Traps, Worn or Dry Bearings, Tube Leaks inside Power & Recovery Boilers. 

The 50 SONIC/ULTRASONIC LEAK DETECTOR is a single display, digital readout, portable leak detector. Bright red digits display the energy level of the sound source with four digit accuracy. A converter circuit in the leak detector converts the ultrasonic energy to audible energy for listening on headphones. The 50 measures 8″D X 2.5″H X 5″ W and weighs 3 lbs. It uses a 6V lead acid battery with an 8 hour life.

Price Includes the following:

  • 50 Sonic/Ultrasonic Leak Detector with 6V 1.2A/H Lead Acid Battery and External Charger
  • T5-3 Air Probe
  • T5-4 Accelerometer Probe
  • Sound Attenuating Headset
  • BNC-BNC Coax Cable
  • Set of Vinyl Carrying Cases
  • Spare Battery
  • Squeeze Bottle
  • Operator’s Manual